John Huston and Tyler Fish, Victorinox North Pole 2009 expedition – the first American expedition to

“Richard’s advice was totally invaluable in our quest to reach the North Pole unsupported. His knowledge of the whole expedition package from preparation to food to gear to travel is second to none!”

Successful Unsupported expedition to the North Pole by Richard Weber and Conrad Dickinson 2006

“Richard is in a league of his own…. I have been on cold weather expeditions for over 30 years and thought I knew most things about cold weather travel until I met Richard. He has a host of little tricks and techniques that he has developed during 500 days traveling on the Arctic Ocean, whilst organizing and participating in expeditions over the last 20 years. Due to Richards experience and techniques, our systems worked and we managed
to achieve our goal of reaching the North Pole unsupported, and in record time, knocking 10 days off the British record. Previous British adventurers have ALL failed in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd attempts, largely because of their lack of experience on the Arctic Ocean, which, has its own characteristics, unlike other frozen environments. By adopting Richards
system of travel I saved time, money and energy.

On a personal level Richard is unique; not once, even in the most trying circumstances did Richard loose his temper or his cool. We never had one cross word in our 3 months together (except when I was “dilly dallying” taking photos on an opening lead and Richard temporally lost his ski poles as a result!). On many occasions he took on more than his fair share of the work, without complaint or protest. Richard is the master of improvisation when equipment breaks and is not fazed by setbacks. His focus is 100% and he leaves nothing to chance due to his meticulous planning. Physically he can out perform anyone I know and is still able to “up the game” when conditions require.

Without doubt, choosing Richard as a partner to attempt our unsupported journey to the North pole was the biggest factor in our success.

Conrad Dickinson
September 2006

Dan Darley and Amelia Russell – North Pole Unsupported 2010 – May 2, 2010

Richard, thank you to you and Josee for all your help and advice over the last year, we know that we wouldn’t have made it without that. It was a daunting challenge to take on but I think our training over the previous 2 years was well thought out and gave us the necessary skills to tackle the Arctic with a fair shot at making it.

Dell Weingarten – May 27, 2010

I want to thank Richard and his company for providing the Arctic Weber Mukluk boots that I wore in the 2010 Polar Challenge. The boots along with the ski bindings worked excellent.


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