Weber Route from Clyde River to Pond Inlet, Baffin Island

This is probably the trip most spectacular scenery that I have ever had the good luck to ski. We left the community Clyde River on Baffin Island on sleds towed by snow mobiles. Due to the length of the trip and our limited time, we opted to do the first 100 km by snow mobile. After 14 days of skiing pulling our sleds we were met by a snow mobile that carried our gear so we could ski farther each day. Total time 21 days, total distance 650 kilometres.

A good day of travelling got us into the start at Sam Ford Fiord north of Clyde River. The intersection of Sam Ford and the Walker Arm is incredible. On all four corners, Sheer granite walls sore four the five thousand feet above the ice. We skied down the Walker arm, then climbed up and down into Stewart Valley. The climb up is rough because of a lack of snow and lots of big boulders. The lake was bare ice so our steel edged skis were good! Out of Stewart Valley, into Refuge Harbour, north on Gibbs Fiord. Excellent skiing, amazing views, a few seals and old bear tracks. We turned into Clarke Fiord to the pass through the Bruce Mountains to Dexterity Fiord. This pass is used by hunters on snow machines. Through Bergy bar, Patterson Inlet, through Maud Harbour and turn left into Buchan Gulf. Livingston Island rises like a stone ship out of the mist and clouds. Saw and heard several avalanches in Icy arm. Fresh caribou tracks. At the end of Icy Arm is narrow canyon filled with house-sized boulders. They are full of swirls and layers – most amazing patterns. It is passable on skis, we named it Weber-Aller Pass! Weber-Aller Pass took us through to Coutts Inlet. Here we rendezvoused with Dave Ried from Pond Inlet. Dave carried our gear on his snow machines so we could ski more miles each day. There is a valley from Coutts Inlet to the end of North Arm, then another Valley connects to the bottom of Paquet Bay. Paquet bay leads to Tay Inlet and on to the community of Pond Inlet. This was a fantasitic trip. Some days were so warm we skied with no shirt! The average age of the team was 53!



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