Basecamp Baffin: Heli-Ski The Arctic

Basecamp Baffin: Heli-Ski The Arctic

The World's Northernmost Heli-skiing located in Arctic Canada


Basecamp Baffin: Heli-ski The Arctic

Skiing & Riding

  • 7 Days
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Basecamp Baffin: Heli-ski The Arctic

Be among a select few to ski the world’s northernmost heli-ski tenure. Set against the stunning backdrop of Baffin Island, the glacially formed fiords offer untracked runs nearly four kilometers long in some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. With tumbling glaciers, deep fiords and the world’s tallest sheer granite walls, the rugged east coast of Baffin Island provides some of the most dramatic mountains and scenery in the Arctic. Beyond breathtaking heli-skiing, this Arctic adventure is about more than just making turns. Immerse yourself in arctic exploration: explore the frozen ocean for arctic wildlife, immerse in local Inuit culture from the coastal community of Clyde River, take in the breath-taking scenery and enjoy gourmet meals prepared by Weber Arctic’s private chef. Pioneered by the Weber Arctic team, Basecamp Baffin: Heli-ski and ski the Arctic is a polar first and the only mechanized skiing in Arctic Canada. See for yourself what it feels like to stand atop an unnamed peak and clip into your skis in some of the most remote mountains in the world!

Weber Arctic’s Baffin ski adventure operates from our purpose built basecamp. Positioned in the fiords of Baffin, a short helicopter flight away from Clyde River, Basecamp Baffin offers private accommodation for a maximum of 8 guests. You can expect all the necessary creature comforts of a great ski day at hand: yummy après-ski snacks, post-ski massages, hot showers, great food and comfortable rooms.

Skiing & Snowboarding; Wildlife/Nature Sightseeing

Finish your day of skiing at Basecamp Baffin - a purpose built lodge that comfortably sleeps 8-guests on private adventure. Hot showers, post-ski massage, dining room, lounge and comfortable rooms. When you’re not out heli-skiing or exploring, Weber Arctic’s private chef serving up great Canadian cuisine. Experience gourmet fare inspired by every province from locally sourced arctic char to French Canadian cheeses, Okanagan Valley wines, fresh baked breads, and other delights daily to satisfy you at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

​- Four private rooms

- Main lodge with dining room, kitchen and lounge

- Snow cat to assist ski adventures

- Helicopter

- Snowmobiles

- Shower house and massage facilities

Cancellation Policy

Given the nature of this custom adventure; payments are non-refundable.


In the wild and unpredictable Arctic, weather patterns and wildlife can disrupt even the best-laid plans. All of our itineraries are ‘suggested’– we strive to ensure your adventure is a trip of a lifetime. Each day’s activities take into consideration the dynamic environment we operate within, your interests, and may not always reflect the suggested itinerary outlined below.

Arrival Instructions: The flight to Clyde River departs Ottawa early in the morning. If you don’t live in the nation’s capital, we recommend booking your flight to Ottawa the day before.

Flying privately? We can arrange efficient transportation into the region with our local charter partners. Please contact us.

Arriving into the coastal Inuit community of Clyde River, ride your snowmobile for the journey into the Baffin mountains. Leaving Clyde River, you’ll make your way into the deep fiords of Baffin Island, slowly leaving the Arctic Ocean and heading into glaciated terrain. Breathtaking views of steep granite walls and tumbling glaciers truly showcase the awesome landscapes of Baffin Island. Arriving at Basecamp Baffin and be greeted by the Weber Arctic team. An introduction to Heli-skiing routes and a polar safety briefing follows an in-house dinner prepared by Weber Arctic’s private chef.

Your week includes five days of heli skiing. In addition to skiing the northern most heli tenure in the world, the unique opportunity to experience local Inuit culture and Arctic spring is an important aspect of what we offer our guests. These experiences below give you a taste of what you can expect during your stay:

Heliskiing: Departure by helicopter from Basecamp Baffin flying due west towards the height of the Arctic Cordillera. Land atop Mount Wordie, the longest run in the area, where you ski 4km of arctic powder to sea level. A large granite wall towers the face of Mount Wordie, and below a tumbling glacial tongue extends to the horizon. The helicopter waits at the bottom of the run, ready to take you to your next slope of untouched powder. With 2.5 hours (per day) of flight time, you can ski as much as you want before taking the scenic flight back to Basecamp Baffin.

Cat-skiing & alpine ski-touring: Depart aboard your private snow-cat as we climb the unnamed glaciers behind your accommodations. A gorgeous collection of peaks and glaciers are directly at your doorstep, ready to ski. Your guide takes you through the glaciers, stunning views and truly unspoiled landscapes as you pick the terrain that truly ignites your skiing adventure. Baffin holds a massive selection of terrain to choose from; long flowing glaciers for intermediate skiers, to steeper terrain such as couloirs and larger glaciers for advanced skiers. Finish your day by returning to camp on your skis. A delicious après-ski of arctic char sashimi (freshly caught next door) awaits.

Discover the unique Inuit culture and arctic wildlife of Clyde River and surrounding area: go dog sledding on the Baffin Bay sea ice, attend a drum dancing and throat singing performance - an art only found among the Inuit. Clyde River holds a unique traditional culture that is becoming increasingly rare in modern Inuit communities.

As spring begins to settle in the arctic fiords, wildlife such as polar bears and seals begin to make the arctic ice floe-edge of Baffin Bay their home; take a helicopter ride out onto Baffin Bay and walk amongst the sea ice as you search for polar bears and newly born cubs. Fish for arctic char in the fiord lakes as spring begins to melt the lake ice. Have your chef prepare freshly caught arctic char.

Day 7: After breakfast, board the flight for the return to home

Preparing For Your Trip

As spring starts to settle into the Arctic in April and May, the temperature rises and Baffin’s mountains become a place for great skiing, spectacular views with hundreds of kilometers without a soul in sight. Truly exploratory skiing. Expect temperatures to range from +5° to -18°C. Heli-skiing in this remote environment requires thorough preparation. Our expedition team will reach out to ensure you are adequately prepared and can assist with any gear related questions. A general packing list serves as a good first step.

Travel Recommendations & Notes All travellers must purchase travel insurance - even Canadian guests. We recommend trip interruption, cancellation and health insurance that includes air ambulance. If an air ambulance is required to Iqaluit or Ottawa, all non-Nunavut residents are responsible for the cost.

Gear List

  • Bring your ski boots, helmet & googles. We will provide Fischer skis & poles. If bringing your own skis make sure they are big mountain skis. Contact us if you have questions.
  • Winter Boots - A very good pair of waterproof and warm winter boots rated to -25°C.
  • Down Jacket - Rated to -25°C.
  • Windproof Shell Jacket
  • Fleece or synthetic insulated (IE: Primaloft) pants - Great for skiing in and keeps you warm while outdoors.
  • Long Underwear (top & bottom) - Two sets of long underwear made from synthetic or wool - no cotton or silk content.
  • Day Pack - You’ll need a daypack for skiing. We provide avalanche beacon/probe/shovel for guests.
  • Personal Items - Toiletries, cameras, sunglasses, extra glasses/contacts or any other items you might require.
  • Lodge Shoes - Light, comfortable shoes to wear in the hotel are useful.
  • Fleece Jacket or Micro down - A fleece/light down jacket is another necessity as an extra layer, for warmer days, or just to wear around the community.
  • Hat - A wool toque or fleece hat. Any cap really that is made from a material that dries easily.
  • Ski Gloves - Wind-resistant gloves/mittens. Rated to -20°C.
  • Socks - Several pairs of good wool or wool-synthetic socks are a must. No cotton or silk content.
  • Sunscreen - The sun in the Arctic is extremely strong and the daylight hours are extended. So pack sunscreen.
  • Optional: Avalanche air bags are available for purchase/rent please inquire at the time of booking to guarantee availability.
  • Provided: Avalanche beacon, probe and a shovel.
  • Thermos - For hot drinks while skiing. We recommend a one-litre insulated thermos

We're here to help.

We understand that booking a trip like this is a big endeavour. Please reach out to us with any questions that you might have regarding your upcoming adventure.