2024 Arctic Watch Season Cancelled

2024 Arctic Watch Season Cancelled

January 08, 2024 | Arctic Watch

2024 Arctic Watch Season Cancelled

Dear Friends. We are writing today to share an update on the future of Arctic Watch.

Over the past year, the Department of Economic Development and Transportation of the Government of Nunavut has been taking steps to deny tourism licenses for Arctic Watch. During this time, we have been open with Government officials and shared all documentation and procedures that meet and exceed current legislative requirements. Despite this process, we received confirmation a few days before Christmas that our application to renew our tourist establishment license has been denied on the basis of malicious and baseless accusations.

Our family has a deep-rooted passion for the High Arctic. Since the early 1950s we have skied both North and South Poles, set speed records, climbed unnamed peaks, worked and immersed ourselves into the communities in which we crossed. Through the years and experiences, we've developed a deep respect for the land and fragile ecosystem of the Arctic. Our family has been connected to the north for generations. This connection led us to the purchase of Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in 2000.

Since 2000, we have been extremely fortunate to build and operate Arctic Watch into what it is today; a world renowned wilderness lodge. Arctic Watch allows guests to experience the stunning, pristine environment of the Arctic while we carefully maintain a small footprint. Not only a base for visitors to explore, Arctic Watch serves as an outpost for scientists, journalists and environmentalists to collect data and educate on the changes taking place in the Arctic. We are proud of the work we've accomplished, sharing our passion for the Arctic while keeping conservation at the heart of the operation.

As a family we have always steered away from politics and shown respect for the processes required to operate in the Arctic. We have done so for 23 years and this year was no different however the outcome was. Now is the time for us to stand up and advocate for the Arctic and our livelihood. We will not let years of positive local collaboration, conservation, advocacy, and awareness be wiped away on false and unfair grounds. We will be closing Arctic Watch for the 2024 season while we fight this unjust decision with use of the law.

We understand that many of you booked your spaces at Arctic Watch years in advance and are wondering what are the next steps. For those booked in 2024, we will be reaching out to you individually in the coming weeks with the option to receive a refund or to put your deposit towards a future Weber trip. For those booked in 2025, your spaces will remain in place.

It is very possible this dispute could land in the media with a swarm of misinformation. During this time we ask for you to ignore the noise and focus on what is true: we have always tried to act as stewards of the North, have a deep love for the Arctic and will do everything we can to protect it.

We will stand up and fight for truth and look forward to resuming constructive northern tourism from Arctic Watch with our many territorial stakeholders, both in Nunavut and NWT that we have been so fortunate to collaborate with for many years.

While our team navigates this blatant injustice, we will continue to operate our circumpolar private journeys and forge ahead with our exciting project in British Columbia (more to come in spring)!

Thank you all for the incredible trust and faith you have given us over the past decades. We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time through our direct line +1-819-923-0932 or email us: mail@WeberArctic.com.

We are so excited to adventure with you all once again at Arctic Watch.

Your polar family.

Richard, Josee, Nansen, Tessum & The Team at Weber Arctic.

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