October 05, 2021 | Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, Ennadai Lake Nunavut


The Weber family will be closing Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge starting this fall.

Our passion for Arctic Haven started more than 10 years ago - first arriving to a region that had the largest caribou herd in North America. An incredible arctic tree line environment that held great flora and fauna. Evening skies filled with northern lights, fantastic fishing and more - it’s the love for this adventure that drew our family.

In recent years we have noticed a substantial decline in the caribou population. Biologists from the Nunavut Government have also confirmed the decline of caribou populations across the territory. The caribou trails at Arctic Haven, cut into the tundra from centuries of animals passing are growing in and vanishing. We know from experience in Northern Quebec that when the caribou disappear, most wildlife goes with it. Caribou are a lynch-pin to the tree line eco-system.

The experience we started at Arctic Haven, what drew us there; is disappearing. We no longer feel we can deliver amazing experiences to our visitors. So it is with sadness that we have decided not to offer any more trips from Arctic Haven Lodge starting in 2022.

We have taken the decision as a family to focus on our trips in the Canadian High Arctic: Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, ski expeditions and our private journeys as well as several exciting new expeditions coming shortly.

For guests who presently hold reservations at Arctic Haven, we will be contacting each of you personally in the coming weeks.

Our adventures have become internationally renowned for the exceptional wildlife, active focus and incredible landscapes we explore. We’re excited for the next chapter of exploration with you!

We're here to help.

We understand that booking a trip like this is a big endeavour. Please reach out to us with any questions that you might have regarding your upcoming adventure.


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