Conservation Fees to Support Long Term Species Survival

Conservation Fees to Support Long Term Species Survival

Arctic Watch Beluga Foundation

September 15, 2022 | Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada

Conservation Fees to Support Long Term Species Survival

Starting in 2023, all guests visiting Arctic Watch will be able to help support conservation efforts on Somerset Island.

The very existence of Arctic Watch and the fact that people visit all summer helps protect that area. We are present and watching - we keep an eye on what goes on across Somerset Island. When careless human boat traffic poses a threat to nursing beluga whales, we can chase off the zodiacs that ignorantly try to enter the inlet (as we have done several times - read the story on Oden here). We can suggest and promote laws that protect the Inlet (We petitioned local, territorial and federal authorities to include Somerset into the Lancaster Sound Marine Conservation Area). We are now taking the next steps.

Photographing muskox near Arctic Watch
Photographing muskox

Climate change is happening in the Arctic faster than other areas of the planet. We need science to help us track these changes on Somerset Island (where our lodge Arctic Watch is located) and help us respond to any crisis. At present there is a climate-caused crisis in the muskox, not just on Somerset but across much of the Canadian Arctic - one that poses a direct threat to the survival of muskoxen as a species. We are currently supporting muskox research to better understand what is happening. This is not research that will produce a report to get shelved and collect dust, this is research that will offer real solutions to help the muskox population cope with climate-changed induced pathogens and how to mitigate them.

The Arctic Watch Beluga Foundation, which supports this ongoing research, is a registered Canadian charity. Its mission is to support scientific research and education on Somerset Island.

We believe that as both operators and visitors to Somerset Island, we need to be able to give back to the very land we step foot onto - we are all stewards of the Arctic. Both Weber Arctic as a company and Weber Arctic guests will be doing so starting in 2023 - a $500 conservation fee from each visitor to Arctic Watch will go to the Foundation and supporting the work that takes place on Somerset. The funds go directly to research, zero dollars go to administration.

In addition to the conservation fee, our company will continue to support the muskox research on Somerset through targeted investments that will progress towards solutions against these diseases.

It is important that we are on Somerset every summer. As long as we continue to be mindful of our presence and the impact that we have on this fragile Arctic ecosystem, we, the Weber family, our staff and our guests can be the de facto guardians of one of the few remaining, truly wild places on the planet. We would not be able to do this without your support.

Hiking the tundra near Arctic Watch
Hiking the tundra near Arctic Watch

All scientific research is conducted with permits from the federal and/or territorial government and includes input from local Inuit organizations.

All Canadian Citizens will receive a tax receipt for their payments.

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