Muskox Research at Arctic Watch

Muskox Research at Arctic Watch

Arctic Watch Beluga Foundation

October 13, 2023 | Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Muskox Research at Arctic Watch

Filmed in 2023, the team highlights the work taking place on Somerset Island by the Kutz research group.

In our unwavering support to the Kutz Research Group and their extensive work concerning muskoxen, the Arctic Watch Beluga Foundation takes immense pride in providing support for their research endeavours at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge. This initiative is centered around the examination of muskoxen population health on Somerset Island, with a specific focus on addressing a pathogenic threat that is progressively advancing northward due to climate change, leading to a significant decline in muskoxen populations.

In the year 2023, we had the privilege of capturing the fieldwork conducted by researcher Eleanor Dickinson amidst the pristine tundra of Somerset Island, as we filmed on location at Arctic Watch. The baseline work she undertook will be used to better track and understand the changes taking place on Somerset.

Collecting Qiviut on the tundra near Arctic Watch
Eleanor collecting qiviut on the tundra near Arctic Watch

About The Foundation

Since the 1950s, our family has explored the far corners of the polar worlds. We’re extremely fortunate to have access to the unspoiled and remote landscapes of the Arctic - areas that few people ever have the chance to step foot in. These areas are very special as they hold some of the last great wildlife populations of the polar regions.

As a family and team, our aim is to not only welcome travellers to the Arctic on unique experiences, but to contribute back to the polar world we love, by supporting credible research projects that will make a difference.

We started a federally registered charity that was initially focused on supporting beluga research in Cunningham Inlet (Arctic Watch) where one of the last beluga nurseries on earth is located. The charity has since evolved into a larger focus - supporting any wildlife based research project in the Arctic that will help better understand the effects of climate change and support conservation efforts in the Arctic. Projects that have the potential to effect significant change over the next 10 years.

All scientific programs supported by the Arctic Watch Beluga Foundation are permitted through (local) territorial and federal authorities.

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