April 04, 2022 | Kazan River, Nunavut, Canada


In August of 2021, Weber Arctic led a private group to canoe the mighty Kazan River, one of Canada's heritage rivers.

Paddling the kazan river with caribou
Locals on the banks of the Kazan River - Migratory caribou.

We love designing special trips for our guests. Whether they're based from our lodges to explore further afield or in a completely different region of the Arctic, building a dream adventure excites us.

Northern lights above our camp on the kazan river
Northern lights dancing above one of our campsites on the canoe trip.

This adventure started with a Weber Arctic guest's desire to spend a week paddling a great Canadian river. Sitting in the dining room at Arctic Watch discussing adventures, we tossed around the names of a few favorite rivers and one came to mind immediately; the Kazan River.

Crossing a perfectly calm flat water section of the Kazan. Incredible weather.

The Kazan River is starts in the southern Arctic on the tree-line. The goal was to paddle a section of the river north of Ennadai Lake during the autumn migration of the Qamanirijauq caribou. The largest remaining caribou herd in North America migrates along the river for several hundred kilometres every fall. In late August, as the caribou migrate and fall colours set onto the tundra, the northern lights come to life most evenings.

Team "caribou" photo op.

The team comprising of 10 guests and three guides started from the outflow of Ennadai Lake (just above tree-line) paddling the Kazan River. While abnormally warm fall temperatures meant that we were wearing shorts and t-shirts for most of the journey - the river delivered beautifully. Great water levels, migratory caribou, soft lush tundra campsites and northern lights most evenings. A few great shots from the trip! Thanks for the journey!

Campsites along the Kazan were awesome - perfect for northern lights!
Gorgeous northern lights above the Kazan River system

The Kazan River has world-class fishing for Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout!
Flying out of the Kazan River system meant carefully packing folks and boats into twin otters!

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We understand that booking a trip like this is a big endeavour. Please reach out to us with any questions that you might have regarding your upcoming adventure.


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