Mark Williams


Mark, one of our wildlife guides at Arctic Watch, has a remarkable background deeply intertwined with the sea. Raised sailing the English Channel, he fostered a profound affection for the ocean and passion for exploration. His scuba diving adventures commenced in Africa, and soon, he embarked on a globe-spanning journey, eschewing planes entirely. This intrepid odyssey led him to the far reaches of the world, including the Arctic, Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, among other destinations.

Mark's extensive travels instilled in him a profound desire to safeguard and share the marvels of the natural world. Today, he dedicates his career to serving as an expedition and wildlife guide and a conservation photographer. He divides his time between Vancouver Island, Canada's High Arctic, and Antarctica, where he continues to inspire and protect our planet's most precious environments. His photographic work was recently featured in 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year - a global competition spanning thousands of entries.

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